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The News

May 2013

MeeK's official YouTube censored !

By David Hannover-Klein

For the past 6 months, hundreds of messages have been sent to us complaining about the sudden disappearance last year of the original MeeK's official YouTube channel "MeeKInTheWeb" and its replacement by a second channel, which left many fans baffled and confused. We thought this deserved some kind of explanation.

The original MeeK YouTube Channel which was censored
The original channel censored by YouTube

On October 25th 2012, without any warning and while "MeeKInTheWeb" had been an official business "Partner" of YouTube's for almost 2 years, YouTube permanently deleted MeeK's original Official Channel apparently because of the uploading of MeeK's music video "You'll Never Die Alone", which in their view constituted a "violation of YouTube terms" as it showed in animation form i.e. cartoon a few love scenes involving same sex couples (the video was part of a french AIDS awareness campaign designed by non-governmental organization "AIDES"). The song was taken from the 2008 MeeK's album "Sortie De Secours" which included the hit single "Six Feet Under". The cartoon itself had been in fact directed and written a few years earlier by a french creative team of highly talented artists (Wilfrid Brimo, Veronique Sels, Eve Roussou) for a TV campaign which had been rejected by every TV channel in France for being deemed too "provocative" ! 8 years later and thanks to a friend of his working for the said organization, MeeK was kindly given the license to use this unreleased piece of animation movie as a perfect and funny webvideo to promote the song which is itself about AIDS. The humorous cartoon's sole goal was of course to keep people and especially young ones aware of AIDS and stress the importance of Safe Sex which still is the only known way to protect oneself from the disease.
As everyone can see thereafter, the said video cannot possibly be held as "porn". This is why we were all profoundly shocked at YouTube's abrupt decision to delete MeeK's official channel for that reason, which in our view does constitute an obvious homophobic censorship and an incomprehensible move of puritanism, while the video hosting website apparently allows at the same time and without much concern dozens of other videos showing equivalent scenes involving heterosexual partners, not to mention the thousands of videos showing acts of violence of all kinds taken from numerous action movies, Trash TV, news reports, private vids, private sex-tapes and what have you... All videos that YouTube apparently finds less offensing than a funny cartoon showing two men making love...

The offending video...

As of October 2012, date of its deletion, the original MeeK YouTube Channel had more than 3,500 subscribers and totaled more than 1,500,000 views in all (MeeK's hit singles videos "Six Feet Under" and "So Fresh" alone being then credited of more than 400,000 views each ).
So this is a somewhat forced "start from scratches" or a "rebirth" for the Official MeeK's YouTube Channel it seems, which is now called "MeeKOfficial".

The NEW MeeK Official YouTube Channel

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