MeeK - The Interviews

MeeK : "I am an outcast and an outsider and I love it !"

MeeK - The InterviewsWhat would you label yourself as an artist ?

MeeK - The Interviews : I've always felt like an outsider and profoundly glad to be one because in a way this is whom I've always wanted to be. I've always been very independant as a guy. Even when I was a kid I was never "one of the boys", never been in a gang really... I hate group mentalities. I am a free agent. Always was and always will be. I'm realising now that my artistic path looks very much like the guy I am really... So that's fine to me.

MeeK - The InterviewsBut what is an "outsider artist" then ?

MeeK - The Interviews : I guess it's an artist who won't give a shit about current trends and stuff... It's a free guy that does what he wants no matter what. The thing is, I was born in the early '70s, I was 16 in the late '80s so the two significant music styles of my generation were Rap and Electronic Music really, and I've always hated both ! How do you like that ? So that really left me out of most games and that's perfect, I mean it suits me to be that sort of "outcast", I'm in between an outsider and an outcast. One misfit really.

MeeK - The Interviews

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