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MeeK - The InterviewsWhat does "being an Indie artist" mean to you today, with the Internet and all ?

MeeK - The Interviews : The Internet changed the whole landscape of the recorded music industry and it is a great thing for every Indie artist really, because that means that, now, there's no-one and nothing between the artist and their audience. It's direct communication. And this is exactly the kind of scene I needed. Like most Indie bands or solo artists, right around the time I released my first album 10 years ago, I set up my own little production company (Ndt = "Bedroom"), which is also an Indie record label, and through the Official MeeK Website on one hand and all the digital stores on the other, and my production company in the middle, I'm able to sell my music directly to the public and that is perfect ! No major record label nor execs nor business guys in suits and ties to decide things for me or to keep me from doing this or that or releasing this or that... Total freedom and no intermediaries ! And I do think this is only the beginning for all the Indie artists. And I really feel proud to have been at the forefront of all this since very early on... I released my first album in 2002, when the Internet was just starting to become a real mass media and a home facility for the main stream audience... And I immediately knew that this was going to be very BIG and that it WAS a beautiful opportunity for any artist that didn't fit in the main commercial productions and canons promoted by major record companies...

MeeK - The InterviewsThere's an radio interview of you where the journalist presents you as a sort of pioneer in terms of Internet marketing and promo, what can you tell us about it ?

MeeK - The Interviews : Well of course that does sound pretentious and all, but it's only true... I am really part of the "Internet Artists Generation" and I feel proud to have been amongst the very first few artists in Europe to have used the Internet as a vehicle to get my music across to the public, bypassing any established major record label or any main stream media even... The Internet is the largest and biggest media in the world ! It encompasses all the other medias ! Anyone on the surf can have access to my official website and with a couple of clicks can have my music, isn't that amazing ? If you think about it, that's way better than the situation I would have found myself in as an artist, say, in the 70's or the '50s ! Because then, if you were not signed to any real big and powerful record label : you just didn't exist, it's as simple as that ! You still could perform live here and there but you certainly could not make albums and be a recording artist, which was really limiting ! So to sum it up, this is the beginning of the Indie Artist Era and I feel proud to be one. That suits me perfectly. I was meant to be an Indie recording artist.

MeeK - The Interviews

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