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MeeK : "I consider Rap a sonic and a cultural pollution."

MeeK - The InterviewsWhat do you think of urban musics like Rap or the Hip Hop Culture ? Electronic musics ?

MeeK - The Interviews : I consider Rap a sonic pollution. And everything that goes with it too. A cultural pollution. And I feel sorry to tell you this because it is politically incorrect of course, but I want to be honest. As a musician, melodies and chords are really what turns me on so I can't possibly be interested in Rap. And also, I must say, I've always found Rap and this Hip Hop subculture stinky in what they're actually still saying, in all those notions they promote, the social behaviours they constantly stereotype and everything...
I mean all this constant "women are hookers, real men carry guns around and if they won't they're just fags" and all that shit is just a nuisance and a cultural disaster to me. And that shitty vulgar aesthetics that goes with it too, the golden chains, the big cars, the guns, the whole circus I mean please... And to this day I see very few people who ever dare say this out loud ! So I will. What kills me in all that and what we rarely hear is that if you look at it, the ideas and notions Rap and Hip Hop generally still carry to this day are like a tremendous leap back !...
I mean, when you listen to what most current Rappers, Gangsta kids and all the likes are all about and stand for even today, it seems like all the '60s and '70s social and cultural revolutions never fucking happened ! Their songs are packed with constant homophobia, constant chauvinism, contant violence, constant sexism and it goes on and on, year in year out and it's been so for the past fucking 35 years, I mean come on !... For them it sounds like we're back to the '30s ! The '60s never happened man !... I find all this appalling and it sucks.

My point is, I don't think one can possibly love and cherish all those great and dare I say smart and intelligent messages from the '60s and '70s like peace, love and understanding and not feel at least annoyed or disturbed and somewhat attacked by Rap culture's messages, you know what I mean ? And unfortunately for me, this IS the major cultural phenomenon my generation came up with in the '80s ! So I've always strongly dissociated myself from what my whole generation stood for and that inevitably made me an outsider, someone on the side. But I feel proud and confortable to be an outcast now even though that was much harder when I was a teenager...

As for the Electro thing, I mean it's everything you want but new, right ? People were making electronic albums 45 years ago already OK ? I mean Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre for God's sakes ! These people were playing with computerized sounds way back in 1976 man ! So the medium is about as "new" as Rock or Pop, I'm sorry !... I've never been into Electro either I'm afraid. I find it cold, heartless, emotionless... And many sounds are simply ugly to my ears. And again, Electronic music was never really about tunes and melodies, was it ? So that won't do anything for me... So I feel the same as with Rap you see. Plus I think most Electronic artists who present themselves as "musicians" are not musicians, sorry again... For me they're more like technicians really. Which is fine but we're not talking about the same league of people here. I'm into musicians, people who deal with chords, harmonies, tunes, instruments... Most guys who are into Electro today are Pro Tools wizards but I won't consider them "musicians" really... And please, leave alone DJs !
I find it unbearable that jerks like David Guetta should be considered "artists" or "musicians" by some the way we consider Springsteen or Ben Harper artists and musicians. But that's just me.

MeeK - The Interviews

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