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MeeK - The Biography                                                                                                     Photo Arnaud Bouin

MeeK - The Biography

Born in Montmorency, suburb of Paris France.

Writes his first 50 songs within a year.

Writes his first song he considers "important" : "Richard Is Speaking",
which later becomes "La Ballade Du Trimaran" on second album.

Stage debut in London (UK) as frontman for 2 acoustic Pop bands : Tin Can Heart and Elsewhere. Numerous gigs at the Deco Bar (Richmond - London) and at The Swan (Hammersmith - London). Live repertoire includes The Who's cover "The Kids Are Alright", as well as one of his first self-penned song "I'm Gone" (which appears as "Peruvian Rhapsody" on second album).
Recording of his first real demos on a second-hand Fostex 4-Track Cassette Tape Recorder
bought in Denmark Street, London.

Back in Paris, BMG Music Publishing France A&R Manager Marc Linet and its Publishing Manager Stephane Berlow sign him as a singer/songwriter, offering him a publishing contract. 37 MeeK songs are immediately registered for copyright by BMG. Between 1996 and 1998, and under the management and supervision of BMG, enters into successive negociations for an artist signature and the release of a proposed first album with A&R Managers Bertrand Lamblot of BMG/Ariola, Laurent Manganas of EMI France, Juliette Husson of Chrysalis/EMI, Marc Thonon of Barclay, Philippe Hebrard of EMI/Capitol and half a dozen of others executives.
The responses are quite unanimous: "The tracks are pretty cool ! Funky tunes !... And your melodies are really great man but we're looking for Boy Bands and Rappers these days Sweetie... Sorry!"

Series of gigs with several different acoustic bands
in Paris and in the Avignon Theatre Festival (South of France),
with a repertoire ranging from himself to Simon & Garfunkel and Lennon & McCartney.

Recording of debut album "PSYCHOTIQUE" in his own 8-Track analog home studio, playing all the instruments and performing all the vocals himself on all 15 tracks.

Supported by French actors Jean-Pierre Bacri, Agnes Jaoui and Jamel Debbouze who love his work. Debbouze introduces him to newly created record label Global Vibes managed by close friend of his Rachid Ould-Ali, but after several meetings the deal falls through.

Is nearly signed as a recording artist by then Universal Music Paris A&R Manager Jean-Marc Vicariot a.k.a."Chiquito" (from Universal sub-label Polydor) who finally decides against signing MeeK after a lot of thinking, to produce instead then famous French TV personality's album which turns out to be a major flop. At that point, understands he definitely belongs to the Indie music scene (by definition independant from the global corporations usually refered to as "The Majors" : then namely Universal, Sony, EMI, BMG).

Posts yet unreleased freshly recorded debut album tracks on the Internet then still in its infancy. An experimental UK-based music platform called, managed in France by Fabrice Nataf, then heavily advertised in the music press and which can be considered the ancestor of iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud, proposes to sell MeeK's debut album on line. was the first music website in Europe to engage in on-line CD and music sale.

Recording of a tribute-album to the Beatles, "SLEEPING WITH BIG BEN", in which he revisits 12 of their least frequently covered songs in an all-acoustic & vocal treatment. The album is first released as a limited, individually numbered and signed edition and sold on several french music websites for a few months.

Invited by Pop artist Calogero (Universal Music) to take part in one of the first music program on the Internet in Europe ("Le Cafe Live") produced by Universal and french NRJ Radio. MeeK performs his song "Psychotique" live on acoustic guitar. Is interviewed by french comedian Manu Payet during the show.

Sets up own production company Bedroom.

After having been vaguely available here and there on the Internet for several months, 1st album "PSYCHOTIQUE" officially released by Bedroom, distributed by Musicast SA.

Invited by Paris-based Alpha radio station to perform live with his acoustic guitar.
Is interviewed several times by french national public radio network ("Radio Bleu") for the album promo. Track "Big Fish (Big Boat)" is the promo single and enters playlists of french college radio network Radio Campus and french national public service radio network "Radio Bleu" among others.

The song "Psychotique" is included on compilation "FNAC INDETENDANCES N°10".

Promo acoustic tour in several FNAC Music Stores in and around Paris.

The "PSYCHOTIQUE" album is released in Japan on Minf Records as a digipack with booklet containing the lyrics translated in japanese as well as an introductory essay by Japanese Pop songwriter Yasuharu Konishi, leader of the band Pizzicato Five.

Beginning of recording sessions for second album of original material, with collaborations from musicians Cyril Morana, Alain Muelle, Sébastien Petit and the London Philharmonia french horn player.

The tribute-album "SLEEPING WITH BIG BEN" is released in Japan only by MINF Records.

Production and shooting of 3 promo videos for the "PSYCHOTIQUE" album for the tracks "Le Papillon Junkie", "Big Fish (Big Boat)" and "Psychotique".

Digital release of single "Margaret"/"Peter et Le Ciel" taken off the newly recorded album and downloadable for free on the then MeeK's official website.

Release of the second album "MARGARET ET SES BIJOUX" (15 tracks), on Bedroom/Musicast SA in Europe and Minf Records in Japan simultaneously.

Translates and annotates for the French speaking market what is considered the only autobiography of Paul McCartney, "Many Years From Now" (published by Flammarion). French title : "Paul McCartney: les Beatles, les Sixties et moi.")

Is one of the first few artists signed by Nicolas Laclias, president and founder of then newly created first European on-line digital music distributor Believe Digital.

The first 2 MeeK albums also appear among the very first few albums presented by on-line music streaming site Deezer just a few days after the site is launched.

Release of the digital single "Les girafes de Babylone"/"Gare-toi dans l'église!" downloadable for free on the then MeeK's official website.

Beginning of the recording sessions for 3rd album of original material, with the recording of the track "Six Feet Under". The very first demo of the track is proposed on streaming by MeeK's then official website and enters the playlists of french indie radio stations "La Grosse Radio" (gets to N°8) and "TNT".

Recording sessions in Paris for a duet with Electronic-Acoustic artist Mewsil, of the track "It's Snowing Ashes".

Guest of honour in the "Chris & Vince show" on one of the very first few European webradios, Click'n'Rock.

Resumes recording new album in South of France then in Paris with co-producers Maxime Monegier Du Sorbier and Paul Rochette, with collaborations from musicians Pierre Cohen, Joseph Chédid, Remy Corot, Mewsil, Pierre Sosin, Cyril Morana.

Launching of the MeeK MySpace.

Unique guest on Henry Blanc-Francard's "Zooloo Sessions" web-talkshow, and performs 4 songs live : "Margaret", "Le Papillon Junkie", "Les Girafes de Babylone" and "Blackbird" alone on acoustic guitar or piano.

Launching of the MeeK Facebook Page on the then freshly created Facebook (May 2007) .

Recording and mixing sessions of 3rd album "SORTIE DE SECOURS" co-produced by MeeK and Maxime Monegier Du Sorbier at Raindrop Studios and Tango Zoulou Studios in Paris.

Launching of the Official MeeK YouTube Channel.

Production and shooting of promo videos for the tracks "Le Gourou Pop" directed by Arthur Shelton, "Troublemaker" directed by MeeK himself, "Evaporee Charlotte Morphinique" directed by Saïd Boukrouna et "Six Feet Under" directed by Emmanuel Bajolle with Nicolas Receveur.

MeeK and his band perform live at the Paris Comedy Club.

MeeK and his band perform live at the Paris Studio Raspail Theatre.

Release of promo single "Six Feet under" which enters dozens of playlists within several french
indie radio networks (Campus, Fera Rock, Neo, etc...) as well as in Canada, Switzerland, on national Swiss radio station Radio Suisse Romande, and on dozens of indie and college radio stations in the USA, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Australia, Italy, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Brazil, Argentina, Japan and others.

Release of 3rd album of original material "SORTIE DE SECOURS" (Raindrop/Musicast S.A./Believe Digital) on CD and digital.

Unplugged concert at the OPA Bastille in Paris on September 9th with Gabriel Vigne (from Indie band Baden-Baden) on drums, bassist Mab Moreno and guitarist Clement Fornio.

European Electro-Pop artists including The Original Flakes, Matthias Lyhne, Brice Matter and The Democrats remix several tracks from the "Sortie De Secours" album and those remixes are assembled on a special MySpace entitled "ElectroMeeK".

Meets the American Los Angeles-based creative partnership Ramses & Beaumond.

Remastering and digital re-release of MeeK's back catalogue including the tribute-album "SLEEPING WITH BIG BEN" which had only been available in Japan up to then .
Release of the album "Archives '97/'07" , a collection of unreleased tracks, unreleased mixes of previously released material and unreleased demos.

Beginning of recording sessions for the new album of original material in MeeK's studio in Paris and in Rumble Studio with Brice Matter, Gabriel Vigne (from group "Baden Baden") on drums and Mab Moreno on bass and guitars.

Beginning of second series of recording sessions for new album with the Ramses & Beaumond partnership in Los Angeles, as well as simultaneous sessions with Matthias Lyhne in Denmark, Sebastien Petit in France and in MeeK's own studios amongst other collaborators.

Release of the double A-sided single "So Fresh"/"Back To The Monolith", 1st single off new album due out in October, co-produced by MeeK and American partnership Ramses & Beaumond.

Production of 2 promo videos directed by Ramses & Beaumond.

Launch of new MeeK's Official Website
The "So Fresh" single enters 58 radio playlists in France, including the French public radio network France Bleue.

June July 2013

Worldwide digital release of single "Monolith #6"/"Vicodin Anyone ?", co-produced by MeeK and Ramses & Beaumond, mixed and mastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, London. Shooting and release of 2 simultaneous promo videos, also directed by Ramses & Beaumond.

Worldwide digital release of album "Aristocracy", co-produced by MeeK and Ramses & Beaumond, mastered by Christian Wright and Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Worldwide simultaneous digital release of 3 singles taken from "Aristocracy" album in newly made mixes : "Peace Off", "Kill The Pigeons" and "Rock Aristocracy", co-produced by MeeK and Ramses & Beaumond, mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios, London. Shooting and release of 3 promo videos for the singles directed by Ramses & Beaumond.

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